Fabric Ducting

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Description of the image
Description of the image


  • Easy to install with up to 70% reducing overall costs significantly
    • Well suited for retrofit installation
    • Huge cost-saving due to the structural weight of systems
    • No requirement for False Ceiling
    • Huge saving on overall structural load on true ceiling
    • Cost-saving benefits on Insulation, Grills, Diffusers, Dampers, Colours, Aluminium cladding, Labours
    • Installation Time & Maintenance is easy

  • Adjustable nozzles allow easy and exact setting of required airflow direction and possibility of airflow changes during operation. Long distance airflow reaches and possibility to wash them in a regular washing machine are their other key benefits.
    Technical specification: 
    • Size ≥ 80 mm
    • Adjustability in range 30° in any direction
    • Airflow adjustable by a damper (optional)
    Key Benefits:
    • Easy and exact setting of required airflow direction
    • Possibility of airflow changes during operation
    • Long distance airflow reaches
    • Washable in a regular washing machine

  • Directional holes with a diameter less than the thickness of the fabric are a design patented by Příhoda s.r.o. They provide a number of advantages when used for surface air supply at low speed.
    The direction of air flow in the duct causes deflection in the diffused air pattern.
    Perpendicular air output along the whole length of the diffuser
    The area is unevenly ventilated
    Even space ventilation
    This creates areas with different air velocities and temperatures

  • Fabric pockets are used for aligning deflection of the air coming from the perforation. The solution is based on combining two airflows of a similar momentum. The flow from the last hole in the row is directed under a certain angle using a fabric pocket, thus aligning the air deflection from the perforation.